Problogger: a cautionary tale

Problogger: a cautionary tale

I was participating in a Twitter chat with the hashtag #LYMChat (9pm EST Tuesday/Wednesday Noon Brisbane time)

@C_Linnel who runs the chats for @LivingYrMoment had asked us for

examples of Businesses that were effective in presenting a balance of professional and personal input with regard to social media.

Before I go on, let me remind you of those to often heard accounts of

ghastly gaffes and embarrassing blunders that are sent out through Twitter.

This was not, I am pleased to say, one of those, however it did remind me of how careful we need to be, you never know who is online and watching.

This is how it went after the above question was posed:


I have viewed Instagram images of  Problogger’s regular life. And now also on TaDaa both iTune apps

and later I found this

Just remember when you are online, active in social media, you cannot know who is watching. Perhaps it is best to be on your best behaviour at all times.

What do you think?

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  1. Hahaha! Yes, on your best behaviour! I am a shocker for typing faster than I care to check!

    • Thanks for reading Katrina. I guess we all have to remember that everyone is just doing their best. I have that typing issue too

  2. It’s always important to remember that Twitter is completely open, unless you lock your account, in which case I would then argue there is little point of being on Twitter (yes controversial I know)

    I’ve never been embarrassed by a bot or an RT but I have been on the receiving end. I tweeted about C sections and a bot sent me a link to a new blanket that is designed to carry a baby if you have had a section.

    What the bot didn’t know was that a) my section was over 2 years ago and b) that my baby had been born at 27 weeks and no one could carry him at all, he was in an incubator, and released at 10 weeks old, by which time my section scar was intact and healed.

    The first thing I did was tweet back and verify if it was a bot, and the person who was using the bot apologised. So I guess my tale is that so much of Twitter is automated now, that we need to be savvy and ahead of the game with our social media practices.
    Kylie @kykaree recently posted..Congratulations – It’s a BabyMy Profile

    • During the #LYMChat we talked about personal standards and values being reflected in the way we conduct ourselves online. It was a classic example of what we had been discussing. I don’t feel uncomfortable as I’d only said what was true and done it nicely. Is there any other way?

  3. This is exactly why I never say anything on social media that I wouldn’t say to someone in person. It’s not hard for people to find out what you’re saying about them.
    DeAnna Troupe recently posted..Where should I advertise my business?My Profile

    • DeAnna, you are so very right. I think good manners and politeness can never lead anyone astray. THANKYOU for reinforcing the message. I hope you will visit again, indeed even subscribe. I am off to read your latest work.

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